Crummock water
photo of above and below Crummock water
Site 2: Hause Point North
How to get here
Please read main page on how to arrive here.

Either park in the car park on the left that has normally loads of room, or park up on the lake side of the road as seen in the centre picture above.

For divers with physical disabilities there is a short, narrow pathway made from cement and rough local stone that leads onto the shingle bay.

The laying of guide lines will not be tolerated - "lay a line and you'll be fined". No touching of rock face or bottom are requested.

The Dive
This dive described's a less interesting dive in Crummock.

Dive 2. Hause Point North: taking you to a depth of 30 metres if you fancy it!
This would be your second dive of the day, where instead of making for the Cliffs. Turn right to follow the shoreline contour in northerly direction at what ever depth you have planned for (photo a), and if at circa 10 to 14 metres you may pass a submerged tree. This is home to a number of small Perch and minnows if they are around when you dive this site. We normally slow at this point to see what fish are finning around the tree (photo b).

Hazards to Divers
Relatively Clear water with 10 - 20 metres viz allowing you to see what is ahead, unlike some other lakes.
There were no hazards when last dived unless you consider the tree mentioned a hazard. Water clarity is very good and these submerged objects quite visible except perhaps during a night dive.

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Graphical Temperature range for Crummock water
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