Crummock water
photo of Crummock water looking south
Site 3: south Crummock
How to get here
Please read main page on how to arrive here.

Park up on the lake side of the road where you can see the lake is almost coming to an end. Please also see the video for a full viewing of the limited parking here.

For divers with physical disabilities you might just drop into the lake without effort. Viz is good and it's shallow around the island (photo a) at 10 metres. Further out and up (north) you can reach 30 metres with some effort!

The other still photo is for interest - having walked up the road (north) towards Hause point and then taking this picture looking south. (photo b)

The Dive
The dive described here is quite shallow.
If making towards the island (west) you will be in 10 metres but no more. If you head north north west you'll reach 20 plus, and if heading north it will take you to 30 metres and a fairly constant and relatively steep descent making this a possible prime dive, although we do Hause point 1st as that is the most prominent feature with the most on offer. There are areas that have bunches of branches and decomposing leaf. Fish will be seen during a night dive but little during the day.

Hazards to Divers
Relatively clear water at 20 metres plus, allowing you to see what is ahead, unlike some of the lakes.

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Graphical Temperature range for Crummock water
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