Derwent water
photo looking over Derwent water
Site 1 (a & b): Eastern shore
How to get here
Please follow instructions on main page and you will arrive at THIS site. This is the primary dive site on this lake.

Two lay-bys can be used, the second lay-by is larger, taking at least 6 cars. Both with relatively easy access to the lake.

A great ice diving lake. also good for night dives offering plenty of fish resting on the bottom. Shallow with gradually shelving descent.

Dive Site (a)
You will find room here for 5 cars but please watch for Badgers if driving here during the night.
Start your dive by heading out across the lake, you will find this ladies bed gentle gliding down into 10 metres, but don't expect too much more excitement! The shallow depth means you can take it easy and fin for miles if you wish or you might wish to try and navigate around one of the islands out here.

The islands are steeped in history and folklore so do have a good read of the ghost story's

Dive Site (b)
There is room here for just two cars. The parking is adhock on the junction of the road heading for Watendlaith tarn (another Ice Dive site).
Although Derwent Water is a large lake, the maximum 11 metre depth, found in this lake, means that most buddy's will have explored large sections of her following a second dive. But if you wish to potter around? then try around by the islands.
The legend describes where the lady got out of the water but can you discover the shallow part of this lake where she was able to crossover to what is now known as "Ladies Rake"?

Hazards for Divers
Non found although viz can be very bad in summer - pea green algae. Best to do this one in winter buddy's, especially when the ice is covering her.

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