Derwent water
photo of Derwent water at Nichol End Marine
Site 2: Nichol End Marine
How to get here
Into Keswick town centre and you are looking for the B5289 / Portinscale road. Just as you are leaving the built up area, watch for the first road sign for Swinside and follow this unclassified road until you see the sign for Derwent Bank and Nichol End Marine.

You will find room here for a great number of cars thanks to Nichol End Marine having its own parking facilities, although it should be stressed that it is always busy here (photo a).

A great Ice Diving Lake. also for Night dives.
General Statement: There are two marina's on Derwent water that I know of. This marina has well-maintained areas, so if you have a boat to launch this may be just the place for you, provided you are allowed to launch - and then you have to consider the costs of doing so. Most marina's will expect a day membership is taken out, plus a small charge may still be incurred for a launching.

It also goes without saying about yacht sailings in and out of a marina. There is risk if you accidentally surface in the jetty areas because of incompetent navigation down under which places all divers at further risk of being excluded from diving again at that marina. You will be expected to take every precaution. Please always remember that marina owners do not want insurance claims and complaints from their long established club members.

The Dive:
Very shallow at 7 metres and not too exciting unless under the moorings and jetties at this site. Here is where gold £1 coins can be illuminated at night and popped into the pocket (diving pays sometimes!)

There are some slithery critters down here, but other fish are far and few between unless doing a night diving. Night is the only chance you might have if you want to do this one because of the boats.

The islands in Derwent water are steeped in history and folklore so do have a good read of the ghost story

Hazards for Divers
SMB's are a must. Yachts and boats coming and going constantly so best done during late evening if possible.

Alt navigation:-

Comparative Graphical Temperature Range for Small and Large lakes
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