Devil's Bridge
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General Description
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Popular with Anglers and a local beauty spot (photo a & b) that is very popular with hundreds of bikers and dozens of divers. Very popular on Sunday's when the bikers mass in many hundreds as do the police!

For those with other Interests
You are either into biking, or diving. But family will love the roar of motor bikes and burning doughnuts in the tarmac.

Places to Stay
Kirkby Lonsdale may have a guest house or two, but we have never looked for them. The side street's are cobbled and quaint. Very much in reflection of past times.
Try "" or alternatively check some of these links > Hotels and Guest Houses Youth Hostels for Families etc.

How to get here
From the M6, come off at J36 following the sign for Kirby Lonsdale, A65. Following this road until reaching Kirkby Lonsdale.
If you are in any doubts about wether being on the right road - just follow the dozens of bikers bombing up and down. And don't stray near to the road's white lines when taking corners - the bikers may be cornering right on the white line or worse, over into your lane. Sadly, you will see several bikes and their riders that have smashed into the walls, houses or other vehicles when coming here.
As you go through Kirkby Lonsdale, you begin to go down a hill, slow up and watch for a small road on your left with an equally small "road end" icon sign. If coming from the Skipton side (east / south east) the above road on the left will be on your right! Turn down here and try to park up (This is the Divers parking area) - failing this, continue on the main road and in the same direction which will take you over the river Lune via this road bridge. Watch on your left again for the next road, take it, and drive down that road a few hundred metres and take note of the side road on your left - which is Devil's Bridge (no left turn allowed) and note the side road on your right. (This is all Bikers parking) Parking is down there, BUT, you may be able to park past this junction on the left side if you are very lucky.

A few things about this site for those who have never been. Atmosphere! The place is steeped in it, hundreds if not into at least a thousand BIG bikers on a sunny day, from all over the country, will be here. Ice cream van and hot dog stand are all laid on, as are a number of police bikers who attempt to contain order. Not that there is going to be any trouble, more a case of someone stepping into the road when a dozen bikers set off on rubber burning wheelies or burn the Olympic symbols into the tarmac or to the educated - the technical biker term is "doughnuts". And what happened to the dateless person that stepped onto the road? That's why there's an ambulance there.

Detailed Information for Divers

Main Attraction
There are few decent river divers in the UK with this being the only decent one in Cumbria.

Check the spooks for this area the spooky side first !

Viewing Freshwater Life
Salmon, Trout and Minnows to see when in season.

Dive Planning Help
No special Permission required. However you should take note of the following local council rulings on the use of this site as follows: "Sub Aqua Diving restricted to Sunday July to August and 1st November to 31st January. No spears, airguns, etc. By Order of Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Council."

For divers with physical disabilities there is relatively easy access to this site. There appears to be no access for wheel chairs.
Map of Devil's Bridge area click to dive with the devil !
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Disabled divers will find access not too difficult.
Popular with Anglers and a local beauty spot that is very popular with hundreds of bikers and dozens of divers.
Who's the nearest for Dive Air?
British Sub-Aqua Clubs:
West Cumbria: branch is based at Egremont.
Kendal + Lakes: branch is based at Kendal Leisure Centre.
Scottish Sub-Aqua Clubs:
West Lakes Sub-Aqua: Cockermouth based club. Air compressor sited at Cockermouth.
Altitude, Visibility, Temperature, Torches
Altitude and Depth:
With an altitude at just 36 metres I don't think you need to worry much in this department. The maximum depth is also a little less than you are used to at 4 - 5 metres.
During summer
Visibility: completely dependent upon previous days rain. Ranges from zero to 5 metres.
Temperature range is a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius.
During winter
Visibility: completely dependent upon previous days rain. Ranges from zero to 5 metres.
Temperature range is 5 degrees above zero.
Torches: for viewing crevices and under ledges.
Thermoclines: None .
If new to freshwater diving: this is the best that Cumbrian has to offer.
Communication intel
phone icon Mobile phones do work in the dive area.
phone icon Public phones: appear to be non nearby. But plenty of Police watching the bikers!
More useful Information for buddies
For the latest on the weather: "Scuba Weather Report"
For more air details see "Dive Clubs & Air".
Note: The above page's will remain open while you click to gather info.

Nearest toilet: In Keswick.

It seems to be the hidden law of the land at this site - that divers stay on the west bank whilst bikers stay on the east.

Hot Dog stand and Ice cream van are here from spring until late summer, but no toilets except in the village of Kirkby Lonsdale.
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