Devil's Bridge
photo of the modern Road Bridge
Site 1: Devil's Bridge
How to get here
Please read main page on how to arrive here.

It seems to be the hidden law of the land at this site - that divers stay on the west bank (Gaza?) whilst bikers stay on the east.

Ok, lets not forget our place here - it's a thousand Hells Angel bikers :-) revving, roaring and burning their rubber, and doughnuts, on the right side of the bridge (east side). And it's a few dozen rubber clad Divers hissing and banging their air cylinders and emergency bottles on the left side of the bridge (west side - story??) :-) - of-course we have the advantage buds - we can always swim for it!
The locals? they stay well out of the way except for the "tree sign" which is now heavily defended by the local parish council. See picture opposite.

Through the metal gate and down the bank. Don't forget to still do a buddy check. Take a torch for checking under any ledges to see who is hiding under them.

The Dive
Once underway what can I say? Take your time to check under the ledges and enjoy a relaxing dive with no worries about bottom and decom times.

Hazards to Divers
Sadly, divers do get into trouble here. Just remember NEVER to go in when she's running hard and fast. This warning is on all my river dive sites that are described on this website especially when planning a tidal river such as the Esk at Longtown.

If this river is in partial or full flow after rain, or you see strong surface currents, or it appears murky, then the intelligent buds who know their limits and capabilities won't make the mistake of jumping into this river dive. But then I don't think any trained B-SAC, ScotSAC, SAA or other recognised training school divers would make that mistake.

Also Lancaster Uni buds and Pat have this scary note to add:
Paul, just a quick note upon the dangers of devil's bridge, I dive it regularly with Lancaster university SAC, and it is a lot more dangerous than you give credit for, when in flow, it can be very dangerous. recently an instructor got trapped under a rock by the flow, it took him about 5 minutes to get out. so, maybe more of a mention on the dangers of this site. Thanks. Pat.

Clearly, we also need to be aware of rock dislodgement when finning along the bottom when encountering currents. Thank you to Pat for this important information.

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