photo of the Haweswater Weir site
Site 1: Bleach Green, aka Ennerdale Weir
How to get here
As you drive through Ennerdale bridge and past it - you will see a road sign saying "lake". The turn off is on your right, so head down this road. With in a quarter mile you are driving through a small forest and straight into a parking area.

Park up and listen carefully! It looks confusing at first because there is no sign of a lake but you will hear a river - follow the sound! or the path leading into the woodland, from the parking area. There are some very photogenic areas as you follow what is basically a short nature trail (photo c).

Reservoir - Imperative that you contact United Utilities first.
A very picturesque area with a public footpath leading around this lake . It is a very popular area with walks / ramblers. Surrounded by conifer trees against steep mountains on one side of the lake and steep screeds on the other. (photo b)

The maximum depth is not great at 8 metres after an hour finning but it is very pleasant and would make a good diver training area in my opinion!

The Dive (photo a)
This is a very shallow dive with very gently shelves off to 8 metres and presumably beyond although that is a heck of a long way out ladies and gentlemen. Great place for training and for anyone doing their first open water dives / freshwater dives.

There appears to be straight lines (mounds) down here, not sure what has been causing these.

Hazards to Divers
If reasonably heavy rain has persisted for a day or more there could well be near zero visibility due to the heavy Iron ore content in the adjacent mountains. No obstructions seen .

As with Haweswater there is an annual occurrence in April / May of Cryptosporidium. It's a nasty little bug that sends you to the toilet every few minutes. It can do worse to you - but maybe I should keep quiet.

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Comparative Graphical Temperature Range for Small and Large lakes
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