photo of the Anglers Hotel site
Site 2: The Anglers Hotel
How to get here
If you have done the first dive (the deep one) at site 3, 4, or 5, and this is your second dive - you'll remember those two signs that offered routes down to the lakes !?

Parking - see drop down menu above for (still photo's).
On your return trip to Ennerdale Bridge, watch for the "half mile to lake" sign and turn down onto pothole alley as we call it (no longer - its all fixed). You'll pass a farm house, where you may even end up in their barn and need to reverse out! (watch the video - I've done this 3 times now! grrrr) but once on the right track you will find yourself descending toward the lake with magnificent views. You park up on the grassy area (photo c & d) where once a fine hotel stood up until 1968, though you would not know it today. A badly broken down concrete pier is all that now remains (photo a & b), until you head out underwater and discover other signs of civilisation.

Reservoir - Imperative that you contact United Utilities first.
A very picturesque area with a public footpath leading around this lake. It is a very popular area with walks / ramblers. Surrounded by conifer trees against steep mountains on one side of the lake and steep screeds on the other.

The maximum depth is not great at 8 metres after an hour finning but it is very pleasant and would make the best diver training area the the UK in my opinion!

The Dive
This is a very shallow dive with very gently shelves off to 8 metres and presumably beyond although that is a hell of a long way out - ladies and gentlemen. Great place for training and for anyone doing their first open water dives / freshwater dives.

This site is also one of the most idyllic for disabled divers. The lakebed is firm and gravel lined though becomes silty at 6 metres plus. Lots of crockery and glassware from the days of the old hotel when rubbish was simply dumped from a rowing boat I assume. No rubbish collections in those days! Today, it all adds to the divers interest and who knows what you may find?

Hazards to Divers
If reasonably heavy rain has persisted for a day or more there could well be near zero visibility due to the heavy Iron ore content in the adjacent mountains. The hotel site is clear of any obstructions although anyone accident prone may cut a finger on the glass and crockery strewn across the lakebed here.

As with Haweswater there is an annual occurrence in April / May of Cryptosporidium. It's a nasty little bug that sends you to the toilet every few minutes. It can do worse to you - but maybe I should keep quiet.

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