photo of Grasmere
Site 1 (a & b): Grasmere . . . nr Town end
How to get here
Please read main page on how to arrive here.

Parking is available in Grasmere village, but divers will be like beached whales with the tide well out of sight. All is not lost on parking although it is limited.

Check the Grasmere map I have on display and look at the Southern end, where the road turns away slightly from the lake. Take note of the 2 "White" parking area's I have marked out here - the first is (b) one car only spot, right next to where a stone wall ends, and as the saying goes . . . 'caught between a rock and a hard place'. Here, you will be able to drive onto the grassy area to park. (Assuming no one else has got this spot). Last, is parking site (c). Room for four cars with the idea that one car drops off the gear by the lake while everyone suits up and walks for 200 yards to the lake side.

The lake is almost elliptical with a small island in the centre with a depth of 22 metres.
There are many other lakes within ten miles of Grasmere, so have an alternative plan such as using the Red Tarn road in Grasmere village to take you on a short cut over to Hodge Close, Coniston and other lakes.
See the dive site map locations for Hodge Close, Coniston water, Windermere, Tarn Howes or slightly further is Thirlmere.

Public access is at two points. A hotel overlooks the lake (photo a - also shown in the page Header photo) and I would suggest that you should ask for permission to park in the hotel car parking area, for convenient access to the lake. Be sure to ask hotel for access permission via their grounds if you plan to use their lawn.
Try not to visit at the weekend or during the tourist season between April and September, as parking is very, very, limited here.

The Dive
Dive site (a) Head off to the left or out to the Island. Sides slope down at 35 / 45 degrees, tens of thousands of minnows, with several large trout (4 to 5 pounders) cruising around. viz at 8 metres.

Dive Site (b) The size of the lake means that most buddy's may be able to explore most of it after a second dive. But if you wish to potter around then try around by the front of the hotel where the water reeds are - you might just catch a glimpse of predator fish lurking near here.

Hazards to Divers
Non found last time we were in, although viz can be very bad in summer - pea green algae. Best to do this one in winter buddy's.

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Diving Grasmere by Freshwaterdiver

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