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Grisedale tarn
How to get here
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Either at Glenridding village if using the eastern approach. The western approach is by the A591 along Thirlmere reservoir parking at Wythburn car park or better still by the old fashioned AA telphone box layby.

You are going to have a tough time getting here. Several local club members have been approached by historians wanting us to do this dive. The reward is high - if anyone was to uncover what lies below the waves of this tarn!

You really must read the legend to appreciate this tarn.

The Dive
5 Buds and one helper have now dived this tarn and here is there concise report !

After a 6 hour slog on 26th May, 2007 we reached Grisedale tarn.
We successfully completed 2 dives in the tarn much to the surprise and interest of all the fell walkers in the vicinity.

We descended to 17 metres. Visability was 6 to 8 metres, temperature was 8c (lakes are at 13c) and there was a lot more depth below us.
There was no sign of life but the suspended particles gave the whole tarn an eerly look.

Our team consited of the following members: Myself (Grant), Mick, Dave, Steve, Jake and our Shore Cover - David.

Webmaster Paul congratulates this team on an amazing accomplishment.of endurance and skill. This is a seriously tough one to do. To this day and after further investigation, we know of no other divers that have successfully managed to dive in this tarn. (Update below !!! - Well done buds and thanks for sharing this info.

Hi There, Just been looking at your report on the dive at Grisedale Tarn ( The high one! ) I dived it in 1976 and1977 plus just about all the other high tarns, between 1974 and 1990 including six in a day! 53 in all ( some more than once ).
By the way, we always carried our own kit, have got lots of pics too. just out of interest when we dived Codale Tarn the ice was 18" thick! Thanks for putting this site up it's what's be needed for a long time and is very helpful. Yours, Barry Graham - Settle.

Please send us a report for each if you feel up to it ! Kind regards to all mentioned here - I'm sure every 'buddy' wishing to dive these remote sites will be facinated - Webmaster Paul.

Hazards to Divers
Reading the legend will tell you that the Kings men may come looking for vengence if you discover the Crown belonging to this King. Good luck to you.

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Diving Grisdale tarn by Freshwaterdiver

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