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General Description
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A great place for those who enjoy long walks and a special treat if you keep a sharp eye out for the dinosaurs (Photo a), Monster foxes (Photo b) and other sculptures that appear. These have been crafted very cleverly to merge with the background and trees. And if the kids come screaming out of the bushes at you, shouting there's a Big Cat after them - believe em! (photo c)

For those with other Interests
You can hire bikes, so the family can peddle to their hearts content, but watch out for those roaming dinosaurs!
This is a managed forest with logging operations taking place usually somewhere in the park from October until April .

Places to Stay
Plenty of accommodation can be found in Ambleside or Keswick.
Try "" or alternatively check some of these links > Hotels and Guest Houses Youth Hostels for Families etc.

How to get here
From Ambleside, pick up the A593 and watch for the road sign "Hawkshead". Follow this through Hawkshead. Just past Hawkshead watch for the first road on your right. Take this road and start looking for the Grizedale Forest Park and Visitor Centre signs. Buildins and parking first appear on your right after about 4 miles or so, and then within minutes, on your left, take the first turning where the Forest Trail car park sign indicates and park up. All parking is Pay and Display. You are now about an hour away on foot from Grizedale tarn.

Detailed Information for Divers
Viewing Freshwater Life
I have the distinct feeling that this tarn will hold some interesting creatures in it. Unfortunately, sports divers are not allowed here.

If you are attached to a University and have a freshwater biological research project to undertake - and can provide evidence of this, then you may stand half a chance at being allowed up here.

Main Attraction
This is a very remote tarn that has been undisturbed for millenniums. The "Forestry Enterprise", was set up to encourage and capitalise on tourism, though conservation issues quite rightly rank high over other considerations. It is a subsidiary agency of the Forestry Commission.

For non diving family members this forest area is a "must do" area. It is full of incredible sculptures that are not realised until on top of them, including the dinosaurs.
The sculptures have been blended into the natural terrain and fauna so well that you may even pass them by !!

Map of Grizedale tarn click to dive Grizedale atrn
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Property of Forestry Enterprise
Permission Required.
Disabled divers will find access is difficult.
Keen cyclist, walkers and kids will love this area if they enjoy the great outdoors.

Dive Planning Help
Kindly note that Permission must be obtained from "Forest Enterprise" for this tarn. Details below.
Due to the distance (1.25 miles) and 45 degree climb, it is impossible to reach the tarn kitted up and on foot. A private forest road runs past the tarn however, but is under lock, key and guard.
Who's the nearest for Dive Air?
British Sub-Aqua Clubs:
Kendal + Lakes: branch is based at Kendal Leisure Centre.
Furness Sub Aqua: branch is based at Barrow in Furness.
Dalton Sub Aqua: branch is based at Dalton in Furness.
Altitude, Visibility, Temperature, Torches
Altitude and Depth:
Lake Altitude is unknown. Maximum depth is a guess at around 5 or 6 metres.
During summer
Visibility: no data available.
Temperature range - no data available.

During winter
Visibility: no data available.
Temperature range - no data available.
Torches: The tarn appears peaty, therefor these may be required.
Thermoclines: non likely.
If new to freshwater diving: this is a near ideal introduction to the lakes with good visibility and easy access for the disabled along the last three southern lay-by's. Lakebed is of medium silt.
Communication intel
phone icon Mobile phones do work in the dive area. Do test your mobile for signal strength. You may be unlucky with your service provider.
phone icon Public phones: at the Visitor Centre.
More useful Information for buddies
For the latest on the weather: "Scuba Weather Report"
For more air details see "Dive Clubs & Air".
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Nearest toilet: Toilets are at Forest Enterprise Visitor Centre.
Manager is: Graeme Prest
Grizedale, Hawkshead, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0QI. Tel: 01299 86037(3) or (4) or (5).
Or Email: Graeme.prest(at)
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