photo of Grizedale tarn
Grizedale tarn
How to get here
As per main page - you will be looking for the Grizedale forest park signs and Visitor centre signs.

Only available at the Visitor Centre unless permission is granted for vehicle access via cycle path road.

There are many man-made tarns in this forest, but this is the only natural tarn here.
From past shallow tarn experience, we believe that this tarn may have an approximate depth of 6 metres tops.

The Dive
Sports divers are not allowed here, however, those with a University freshwater project to complete may be allowed into the tarn to study provided evidence is available.
We have not been allowed to dive here. We therefore have no precise details on depth, viz or tarn bed environment. (photo a & b)

From the surrounding environment we can surmise that the bottom will be covered in tree branches and leaf fall. So there could be some nice fish in here. There is also a rocky outcrop that promises to offer a rock face down under and this will no doubt be supporting the rare freshwater sponges.
Autumn and Winter would offer the best visibility, but rain may cause viz problems during the winter season.

Hazards to Divers

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