photo of Haweswater Dam
Site 1: Haweswater Dam area
How to get here
As per main page instructions. Only one road running along this reservoir.

As you pass the dam, you will notice wide gates which lead down to the lake. Most are locked but there are odd ones which give access to the lake. It is the first one without a Padlock and chain which offers you access to the lake.

Maximum dive depth is only a calculation at 57 metres. No one bothers to dive this site, including myself. My best guess is that you will find a steady slope until at circa 20 metres before it starts to level out. This slope will start as rock and rubble but will turn into a firm silt bed around 8 metres and beyond.

The Dive
To dive here, you weill not be allowed to head towards the dam. You must head in the opposite direction for safety reasons. One quirky thing about depth with this reservoir - Depth can drop by as much as nearly twenty metres! This is due to the demand for water, evaporation and dry summer weather. During particularly dry summers the submerged village can be left high and dry and then falls prey to tourist invasions resulting in an overflowing car park.

If you like depth then choose this site, although this is a dive with little interest. For excitement and fun, you will want the preferred Mardale village - site 2.

Hazards to Divers
Altitude Dive: at 900 feet (240 metres) so please plan accordingly

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Comparative Graphical Temperature Range for Small and Large lakes

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