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Site 2: Loweswater - mid-lake area
How to get here
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Loweswater lies above Crummock water but to the west. The lake is surrounded by woods with several small lay-bys able to hold no more than two cars each along her shoreline. The western end of the lake has a large car park, however, that parking area is not close to the lake.

Max depth is 15 metres in this lake along it's central line continuing for some distance along it's length.

The Dive
Heading straight out from this mid section of lake at lay-by no. 2, will quickly see you at 15 metres on a gradual slope. The next lay-by for site 3 will see you paddling around unless you head south west!

There is little to say about this site when comparing with site 1. No one has been allowed to dive here to date.

Hazards to Divers
Not the clearest of lakes, and shallow.

The tree line around this lake suggests that the odd submerged tree will be around. Water clarity is poor with any submerged objects not appearing until almost on top or in amongst them!

Divers should avoid the following roads: if heading towards Crummock water or Buttermere after dive; between Buttermere and Crummock, road turning off B5289, signposted "Keswick". Due to altitude of this route after a dive. Also, do not use the B5289 south of Buttermere. This route takes you up over Honister Pass at over 1000 feet above sea level. If you need to head for Keswick the best route is head for Cockermouth. If desperate, the road off B5289 signposted for Keswick is the lesser of two evils.

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