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General Description
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Lying just north east of Bassenthwaite lake, a ring of protective hills surrounds a little know body of water called Overwater (photo a). These hills offer attractive walking around this body of water and it's neighbour, Chapelhouse reservoir which is of further interest, although not to divers.
Ducks and other wetland birds can be seen here where a small area in-between Overwater and the reservoir are kept as a wetland habitat. The area is also an RSPB reserve and belongs in part ot the National Trust (photo b).

A narrow road surrounds both waters, allowing tourist to take in pleasant views but there is only one car park if you can call it that as it can only hold four cars at best so park with consideration. There is nowhere else to park in this area and th eroad is almost a single track affair on some stretches with tight bends. As always on difficult roads like this I recommend the continental way of driving by using two short toots of the horn as you approach humps and sharp bends to avoid a head on bash even when your speed may be at 10 mph. Please remember that most driver/tourists are looking at the wonderful views - they are not looking at you coming up over or around a sharp bend!!

For those with other Interests
Overwater is popular with mountain bikers, but also anglers (photo b). This is off the beaten track, and once again it is a case of no proper place to park a car. A popular Inn will be found called the Castle Inn by the same name as the village - check your maps! If the non diving family fancy a bit of shopping then Cockermouth is nearby, there again so is Keswick.

Places to Stay
The Castle Inn as mentioned offers accommodation and good meals and ale, some of you might also want to check out Cockermouth or Keswick as both are nearby.
Try "Stay.co.uk" or alternatively check some of these links > Hotels and Guest Houses Youth Hostels for Families etc.

How to get here
If coming from Carlisle, you want to be on the A595 heading for Bothel, then take the A591 for Bassenthwaite.

If you are coming in from the M6, Penrith J40 take the A66 / Ullswater road. You'll come to a roundabout with A66 / Keswick on the sign. Follow the A66 and stay with it - heading for Bassenthwaite until you reach a roundabout with A591 branching off. Take the A591 road which leads you along the eastern side of Bassenthwaite although you won't see much of this lake on this road. If you fly over the roundabout and find yourself still onthe A66 - don't panic - carry on until you see the sign for Ouse Bridge - go over Ouse bridge (B5291) and you'll end up coming to a 'sort of' cross-roads with the Castle Inn on your left side.

Everyone should now be here:- You will have seen the signs for Castle Inn and low and behold an Inn called Castle Inn appears - very refreshing it is too but those coming from the Keswick end you will see the sign pointing to "Overwater" and Uldale first, (the road on your right) which is where you want to be. Those coming from Carlisle, Bothel or Cockermouth will find themselves passing the Castle Inn on their right and the Overwater road is on their left. Those on the B5291 are turning right then left onto the Overwater road. This is not the best of signposting for an unlisted road.

Next: The road to Overwater is an unclassified road and if you look at the map there appears to be a Y type junction where you take the right hand road. Overwater will appear within minutes on your right as you drive downhill - You will then see another road heading up a hill in front of you where some maps state that this is where the car park is!!! also - mobile phone signals are only available up that hill !), but you turn right over the small bridge and see the car park on your left.

Detailed Information for Divers

Main Attraction
Diving to see if any rainbow trout have survived from the ravages of those big Pike.
No divers have survived to tell the tale :-)

Viewing Freshwater Life
You will find that Overwater has lots of big Pike and lots of small perch usually on the southwestern end (opposite shoreline to where you see the parking symbol). Rainbow trout have been introduced, but have since disappeared claim anglers - can you spot any?

Dive Planning Help
Permission should be obtained from the National Trust for this water.
Phone number is: (016973) 51646
Map of Overwater click to dive area 1
Clickable map! >
Property of the National Trust
Permission Required.
Disabled scuba divers will find there is easy access from the car park to Overwater via a gateway which however, is difficult to open.
Ramblers and fell walkers will have a wonderful day over mixed terrain around Overwater and her Chapelhouse reservoir.
Who's the nearest for Dive Air?
Scottish Sub-Aqua Clubs:
Solway Sub-Aqua Club: Wigton based. Air compressor at Wigton.
West Lakes Sub-Aqua: Cockermouth based club. Air compressor sited at Cockermouth.
British Sub-Aqua Clubs:
West Cumbria branch is based at Egremont.
Solway divers branch is based at Whitehaven.
Kendal + Lakes branch is based at Kendal Leisure Centre.
Altitude, Visibility, Temperature, Torches
Altitude and Depth:
Lake Altitude Unknown. The maximum depth is 10.1 metres in this lake, which lies in the central region along a very gradual descent.
During summer
Visibility: 2 metres.
Temperature range is 13 to 15 degrees Celsius.
During winter
Visibility improves to 4 + metres.
Temperature range is 3 - 5 degrees above zero.
Torches: Not required, although this is not crystal clear water.
Thermoclines: Existance in this water unknown.
If new to freshwater diving: this is a rather boring body of shallow water with not so good visibility due to peat discolouration, but has easy access for the disabled by the small car park.
More useful Information for buddies
Communication intel
phone icon Mobile phones do not work in the dive area. Do test your mobile for signal strength, you may be lucky with your service provider. BUT if you walk or drive up the unclassified road next to the car park (uphill) for some 100 metres you will begin to obtain a signal.
phone icon Public phones: A public phone is located inside the Castle Inn / pub offering tasty bar meals. There is also a public phone if you head north along the A591 and pull into Bewaldeth village, which will appear on your right. (Old Red style box)
More useful Information for buddies
For the latest on the weather: "Scuba Weather Report"
For more air details see "Dive Clubs & Air".
Note: The above page's will remain open while you click to gather info.

Nearest toilet: None.

No powered boats (RIBs etc.) allowed on lake.
For Angling tel: (016973) 51646 - also see links page for non divers (Angling).
phone icon Reporting thefts or finds - Police: 0845 330 0247

National Trust "NT web site"
NT Address:- National Trust HQ
The Hollens, Grasmere, Ambleside,
Cumbria, LA22 9SW. Tel: 015394 35599.
Or Email: enquiries(at)ntrust.org.uk
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