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There is only one small car park here, which during the angling season will be full of anglers who paid to fish this stretch of water, so this comes with the suggestion of trying here when it's out of the fishing season. We will point out, that we rarely see anglers, on this stretch. (photo a)

Overwater is under the control of the National Trust, but also being a reservoir of United Utilities (photo b).

No one, including ourselves have dived Overwater, so this should raise excitement amongst adventure seeking buddies.
The water is fed by several small streams running through farm land, which happens to consist of peat.
Running through peat and farm land means, you guessed correctly bud! brown water and algae. Fortunately, during winter there will be no problem with algae although the water may appear yellowish brown - at least its colourful??

The Dive
You only have one entry and exit point here, with the shallows beginning innocently enough, with a rocky bottom, but don't expect this to last, its mud from here on in bud.

At 10.1 metres depth in the central area you will have plenty of time to check out if any trout are about, and make a count of how many big Pike take a dislike to you invading their territory.

The Pike hang out on the oppsite side from where you got in at Overwater. So head over to the reeds along the western shore. There is plenty of bird life and in fact the western area is also an RSPB reserve so please respectfully bear this in mind if you decide to dive here.

Hazards to Divers
Offering your fingers to Pike is not recommended
Since our last visit in circa 2006, we have observed, in 2012, that two access points have been fortified presumably to stop poaching.

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