Red tarn
photo of Red Tarn above Ullswater
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General Description
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Fantastic views to take in on a good clear day (photo a & b). Walk is the only activity here.
For walkers this is moderate. For divers it's tough getting here. But she has been dived several times.

Places to Stay
You'll find plenty of accommodation can be found in Glenridding.
Try "" or alternatively check some of these links > Hotels and Guest Houses Youth Hostels for Families etc.

How to get here
Approach this tarn from the A592 along Ullswater. Follow this road until reaching Glenridding village where you turn in and park. There is a road that can take you part up the mountain getting you closer to the tarn so try this and check out parking availability on the road side (it may already be full up here). You'll need an OS map after that. Or you could park around the Grisedale Bridge / Patterdale area and grab an OS map for the route up. either way from Ullswater is a long haul, Steep to begin with but then flattens out thankfully. View the Photo Media above.
For walkers this is moderate. For divers it's tough getting here. But she has been dived several times.

Detailed Information for Divers

Main Attraction
This is a remote tarn that had only been disturbed during WWII when an aircraft crashed into it and the main reason why you want to dive here. A Mosquito aircraft await's you on the bottom at 35 metres.

Viewing Freshwater Life
I have the distinct feeling that this tarn will hold some interesting creatures in it but no one has reported any to date.

Dive Planning Help
No Permission is required.
Due to the distance (2 miles) and 30 degree climb, it is tough going to reach the tarn kitted up and on foot. Do not wear your suit at this stage - carry it. If worn, chances are you'll stumble and rip it. A wheel barrow would not go amiss here although you may have fun getting over some rocks.
Map of Red tarn click to dive Red tarn
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Permission Not Required.
Those who are looking for a challenging hike up a mountain will enjoy this one.
Who's the nearest for Dive Air?
British Sub-Aqua Clubs:
Kendal + Lakes: branch is based at Kendal Leisure Centre.
Furness Sub Aqua: branch is based at Barrow in Furness.
Dalton Sub Aqua: branch is based at Dalton in Furness.
Altitude, Visibility, Temperature, Torches
Altitude and Depth:
Tarn Altitude is at 518 metres. Maximum depth is circa 35 metres.
During summer
Visibility: 15 metres
Temperature range - no data available.
During winter
Visibility: 20 metres.
Temperature range - no data available.
Torches: Recommended if exploring the aircraft. The tarn is clear but chilly.
Thermoclines: non observed.
If new to freshwater diving: there are plenty of other tarns to choose that are more accessible but none have an aircraft to enjoy finning over and photographing.
Communication intel
phone icon Mobile phones do work in the dive area. Do test your mobile for signal strength. You may be unlucky with your service provider.
phone icon Public phones: a long, long, long, way away.
More useful Information for buddies
For the latest on the weather: "Scuba Weather Report"
For more air details see "Dive Clubs & Air".
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Nearest toilet: Nearest large rock I'm afraid. Alt: Glenridding village on Ullswater.
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