Red tarn
photo of Red Tarn above Ullswater
Red tarn
How to get here
Via the main Ullswater A595 road - As per main page instructions.

Back of Glenridding village by drive into the village using the only road around here and look for the one heading up hill..

You are going to have a tough time getting here. So go light, taking several goody bags which can be filled with rocks. There are plenty of rocks up here but if friends are coming with you - great stuff, they can be your bearers for the weight belt.

The Dive
Dived by Chay and B.J. This is a 35 metres dive to the wreck of the Mosquito. The Mosquito is near enough in the center of the tarn. Nice and clear when we dived it.

Use goody bags to carry rocks, and stuff the stab with them too.
Take a torch for nosing around the wreck and watch your bottom time. Remember that this is a high altitude dive.

We also have another group who have dived this tarn, led by Phil Leigh in 2005. (photo a)

Hazards to Divers
Non reported

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Diving Red tarn by Freshwaterdiver

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