Rydal Water
photo looking over Rydal water
Rydal Water
How to get here
As per main page description.

Difficult to park. Driving from south to north (where you are driving on the left side of the road with lake on your left) watch for the appearance of a wall - immediately before the wall there is a "gap" (Photo a) with just enough room to manouver your car into. This is where the fishermen park. Only room for one car so only you and your bud will ever be able to go in, assuming you obtain permission or find the other spot to park (Photo b).

Parking your car by this lake is as exciting as it gets. Anglers have always got here before us leaving no where to park I'm afraid.

It is true to say that even the National Trust are only half interested in this one - they own the opposite half of the lake so maybe they know something we don't? - is there oil underneath?? Certainly plenty of leaf and twig with lots of gooey silt.

The other half of this lake is owned between the Rydal Estates, and a Farmer.

The Dive
The dive itself, in my opinion, is the most uneventful, funless dive ever. You can go around one of the islands which is about it.

At just 8 metres in depth if you are lucky to find that spot, means you can spend an hour happily in here. Head for an island and you may have to crawl around it, but its a true adventure :-) its different!

Hazards to Divers
You may fall asleep on this one although dont discount any Pike deciding to take you on for their supper!

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