Scoat tarn
photo looking over Scoat Tarn
Scoat tarn . . . With full credits to divers Barry Graham and Robin Fawcett.
How to get here
Driving along the A595 between Whitehaven and Ravenglass, the road sign you are looking for is the Gosforth sign. Take the road to Gosforth. You are heading for Wastwater.

If you need any supplies on the way, pick them up at Gosforth village. Food is on the right, and toilets are on the left along with the public phone (circa 3 or 4 miles away from dive site). Oh, you might have noticed in the triangular square area you drove through - three pubs all facing each other on opposite sides of the road. A good place to fill in those log books after your dive. Pub crawls have a different meaning in this part of the world when they are in staggering distance of each other but don't worry, no one gets that bad here.

Carry on following this road until after a few miles of undulating road you come down to the lake. As you drop down to the lake you will come upon the Greendale signpost with Wasdale, Stanton Bridge etc to the right and Wasdale Head to the left. Go left.

Wasdale Head has public parking.

You are going to have a tough time getting to this dive site. So go light, taking several goody bags which can be filled with rocks just in case. There are plenty of rocks up here but you'll need friends with you to help carry the weight belt etc.

The Dive - achieved by Barry Graham and Robin Fawcett.
There are two problems diving Scoat Tarn. The first is you park at the side of Wastwater to put your kit on your back and then walk away from one of the best dive sites in the Lake District.

The second is it's a three mile walk, but at least you get lots of opportunities to admire the view on the way up!

We started at Netherbeck Bridge and basically followed Nether Beck for most of the way. The tarn lies below Red Pike and contains many large boulders.
If there is any life in there we didn't see it.
Visibility on the day of our visit was a good 7 metres and the maximum depth we could find was 15.2 metres.

All in all a very nice dive and well worth the walk. On the dive: Barry Graham and Robin Fawcett
Pauls comment: Remember that this is a high altitude dive. See High Alt Diver doc.

Hazards to Divers
Altitude must be taken into account.
Phone communications do not work.
Radio comms using our hand helds did not have sufficiant strengh to reach base camp down on the car park area should anyone injure themselves on the way up or down.

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Diving Scoat tarn by Freshwaterdiver

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