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Author: Gerald Findler.
Book Title: Legends Of The Lake Counties

The Legend of Lady's Leap.
One of the ancient Lords of Derwent Water, who lived in a castle on Lord's Island, had an evil reputation for robbing and pilfering the neighboring counties, and made the castle a store house for the large amount of booty he obtained.

His sister who lived with him was a god fearing woman, despised her brother for his evil way of living, and shuddered when he related his latest adventures and displayed to her the results of his plundering.
So displeased was the Lady that one day while the Lord Derwent water and his men were pillaging near Kendal, she set fire to the section of the castle where all the treasures were deposited.

On returning, Lord Derwent water discovered the cause of the fire, and the Lady, fearing his terrible vengeance, crossed over that part of the lake opposite the island, which in those days was fordable.
In her desperation, and with determined effort, she climbed up the immense precipice and finally got to the summit up, by a track which still retains the name "Lady's Rake" or "Lady's leap".

The legend says that she made her way to London and lived in safety with relatives and friends.

Another version of the Legend of Lady's Rake, however, describes the flight of the last Earl of Derwent water, taking with her all the families jewels to purchase the freedom of the Earl - with out success.
He was executed for treason and for his part in the rebellion of 1715. Some nights after the execution there was a great display of Aurora Borealis, and the people from the district afterwards called it "Lord Derwent Water's Lights."

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