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Author: David Ramshaw, P3 Publications
Book Title: unknown

An unusual death in a flood at Loweswater.

Many years ago a small reservoir, or tarn, on the hill above the lake, burst, and came rolling in one huge wave towards the lake.

A farm stood in its path, and one of the occupants, a girl who was outside the house, saw the dark mass of water sweeping downwards. Darting into the house, she informed the inmates (the master and a female) of the occurrence.

These two had just reached the outside of the door in their endeavour to escape, when the wave caught them both, swept them into the lake, and their bodies were never discovered, whilst strange to say, the girl, who was first to discover the inundation, was saved by the water forcibly banging the door in her face and holding her prisoner, when she was in the act of following the other persons.

"The small dam was across Crabtree beck and provided water for Loweswater lead mine which is situated in Kirkhill Wood, immediately west of the Kirkstile Inn."

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