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Story Source:

Author: David Ramshaw, P3 Publications
Book Title: unknown

Story Source:

Author: Gerald Findler.
Book Title: Legends Of The Lake Counties

Story Source:

Author: Herbert and Mary Jackson
Book Title: Ghoulish Horrible Hair raising Cumbrian Tales

The Legend of Aira Force:
Many centuries ago a castle was situated near the Force, and the Lord of the Castle had a pretty daughter whose name was Emma.

She was betrothed to a knight by the title of Sir Eglamore, who was a famous warrior then engaged in some Eastern war. His long absence preyed on Emma's mind and affected her health. After many months of restless nights she fell into a coma and started sleep-walking along the pathway which is near the Force.

It so happened that on this very night Sir Eglamore was hastily returning to her side. Seeing her gliding along, he touched her, and she awoke with a start, only to slip on the damp rocks and fall into the rushing torrents beneath. The night scrambled down the rocks to save her. She opened her eyes and recognised him before she died.

The broken hearted Sir Elgamore never got over his sad loss, and built a cave near the Force where he spent the rest of his day as a hermit. Aira Froce Valley is described by the Cockermouth poet in his Guide to the Lakes (and later he celebrated it in a blank verse) in which the following well-known lines appear:

..... the light ash that pendant from the brow Of yon dim cave, in seeming silence makes A soft eye-music of slow waving boughs Powerful almost as vocal harmony To stay the wanderer's steps and soothe his thoughts.

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