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Story Source:

Author: Herbert and Mary Jackson
Book Title: Ghoulish Horrible Hair raising Cumbrian Tales

Windermere: Crier of Claiffe
One stormy night, during the Reformation, a party of travellers were making merry at the Ferry House, a tavern. Through the noise of the wind and rain, they heard a call for a boat from the Nab.

The boatman, who was sober, answered the call, in spite of the terrible weather. When the time came for his return, the travellers went out of the Inn to see the passenger on the ferry-boat.

They were astounded that the boatman was alone. He was speechless with horror and shaking with fear. Shortly after returning to the shore, the boatman was taken seriously ill with fever. A few days later he died, without being able to tell anyone, what he had seen at the Nab.

From that time, on every stormy night, there were yells, shouts, screams and howlings at the Nab. No boatman would turn out after dark. This district had not yet been affected by the Reformation.

An appeal to exorcise the ghost was made to a monk, who lived on one of the islands in Lake Windermere. He did this on Christmas Day, in the presence of the people of Chaple Island. The service of exorcism confined the ghost to the quarry in the wood behind the Ferry. The quarry in now called the Crier of Claife.

Through the years many stories have been told. Among them is one concerning a schoolmaster from Colthouse, who late at night, left home to pass the Crier and was never seen again.

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