Talkin Tarn
photo of a Talkin tarn sunset iin early spring
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This tarn has a good sized car park. Access to the tarn from the car park is available from two points as seen from the map.

Maximum depth circa 8.5 metres
Easily ice's up in Winter aound December - February - check these photos for winter and spring comparisons (photo a & b).

You'll also never dive alone on this one! :-) (photo c) as this is a haven for the many species of ducky.

For many years, it was claimed that the tarn was bottomless, and indeed arrangements were made to have a mini bathysphere sub dive down to discover the true depth. This turned out to be a publicity stunt to encourage tourism. However, the real scare story here, is how this tarn came to be according to legend. For this you will need to delve into the Paranormal side of!

This tarn is famous for two reasons: The scary legend that explains how this became a tarn, and in more recent times when back in 1975, an Arabian helicopter pilot flying from Carlisle Airport, crash landed in the tarn.
I was also informed in June 2007, a helicopter is apparently sitting in the middle of the tarn although this is unconfirmed (2011) at this time.

And another unconfirmed story about two servicemen, during WWII, in 1945, took a rowing boat out onto the tarn. A little bit of fooling around on the boat saw one of the men fall overboard and failed to surface. The body has never been recovered so there may be remains although those who have dived the tarn have not seen anything of this nature appearing.

The Dive
The first point is that this is a shallow tarn and for this reason weed is a problem. The sandy area is a man made feature of the tarn and probably the only area where the tarn bed shelves away very gradually. Around the rest of the tarn there is relatively flat and shallow bed which then drops sharply away but only to 8.5 metres in the central area which is shaped almost like a giant circular basin.

Another point of interest is that the tarn is also bottom fed by a cold water spring. This is reported to cause the bottom of the tarn to shift in size and shape!

Bottles can be found usually from the Old Brampton Brewery.
Perch and pike can also be seen.
The tarn in summer time, used to suffer from thick blooms of algae.
An aeriation scheme is now in full use and appears to have reduced the algae leaving viz during the summer at more acceptable levels.
During the winter things are not that clear either, because the high levels of peat discolouration surrounding this tarn causing her to turn browny red when it rains.

Hazards to Divers
Heavy crops of oxygenating weed can be a headache and often poor visibility due to peat and summer time algae blooms. Watch for cotton wool weed as this can be seriously dense and very difficult to get rid of once it hooks onto you..

Divers must also stay clear of underwater oxygen pipes which are used to help clear the lake of green and cotton algae.

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