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General Description
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A very picturesque area with an unclassified road leading around this lake. Few visitors to the lakes, ever find the back road around Thirlmere (photo a & b), (known as the West road). Thirlmere is surrounded by conifer trees running up the hillside on the unclassified road side of the Reservoir, whilst mature conifers run along the length of the Reservoir on the opposite side (main A591 road).

For those with other Interests
Coming off the A591, along the unclassified West road leading over Thirlmere Dam, are trails for dog walking, and walking up over the mountain. Keen canoeists can access the lake as per divers via the car parking areas.

Places to Stay
Guest houses and Hotel's can be found at Keswick, Grasmere and Ambleside. On the western side of Thirlmere along the unclassified West road there is also a caravan and camping site.

Try "" or alternatively check some of these links > Hotels and Guest Houses Youth Hostels for Families etc.

How to get here
From Keswick, follow the A591 towards Thirlmere. As you approach Thirlmere, a simple sign states: "Road around lake". Grab it and you'll find yourself driving on an unclassified single track road across the Thirlmere reservoir dam. (If coming from Ambleside / Grasmere end - pass the first "Road around lake" sign and take second one). Immediately over and on your right after the dam is the first of several small car parks / lay-bys offering lakeside access.

Detailed Information for Divers
Main Attraction
The Deergarth How Island holds out as being the most interesting site to dive in Thirlmere, but, this Reservoir is seldom dived and therefor remains vastly undiscovered. It's the "undiscovered country" - as Kirk and Spock might say!

Viewing Freshwater Life
Information on this reservoir, is at present, very scant. Perch, Trout, Char and Pike reside here but in smaller numbers than other natural bodies of water.
No one appears to have dived here. Perhaps this is because of the cost and permission required - see below.

Dive Planning Help
Access and use is free to all other users - only we poor, impoverished, hard-up divers have to pay (the author) but even this situation changed back in 2007. Please click link opposite fro all the details.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) are around this reservoir which in themselves create restrictions, meaning you will not be allowed to dive from within areas. In many instances there is no access to the shore line from those SSSIs. Limited diving is available onThirlmere - see right side of page here >
Map of Thirlmere reservoir Thirlmere Dam dive site click to dive Deergarth How Island click to dive Thirlmere's Dob Gill area click to dive Thirlmere's Armboth
Clickable map! >
Parking and land, property of the National Trust / Forestry Commision.
United Utilities Permission Required
Disabled divers will find access is possible.
Fell walkers and canoeists will have a wonderful day!

This reservoir is the property of United Utilities Plc.
Instructions are held in the clickable "United Utilities Permission Required" document found beside our Thirlmere map above.
Who's the nearest for Dive Air?
Scottish Sub-Aqua Clubs:
Penrith Divers: Penrith based. Air compressor at Penrith.
West Lakes Sub-Aqua: Cockermouth based club. Air compressor sited at Cockermouth.
Red Fox Carlisle based. Air compressor location. unknown
Carlisle Sub Aqua Carlisle based. Air compressor at Carlisle.
British Sub-Aqua Clubs:
West Cumbria: branch is based at Egremont.
Solway divers: branch is based at Whitehaven.
Kendal + Lakes: branch is based at Kendal Leisure Centre.
Altitude, Visibility, Temperature, Torches
Altitude and Depth:
Reservoir Altitude at 671 feet (179 metres). She runs to a depth of 40 metres in two small spots, between the Dam and Armboth car park.
During summer
Visibility: no data..
Temperature range: no data.
During winter
Visibility: no data..
Temperature range: no data..
Torches: Advisable if diving Not required. Very light and clear.
Thermoclines: None observed.
If new to freshwater diving: this is a near ideal introduction to the lakes with good visibility and easy access, although for disabled divers, a gate will need to be negotiated past. Access to the shore by wheel chair is not possible so you'll need the buddy system to get youy down there. Lakebed is of medium silt.
Communication intel
phone icon Mobile phones do not work
phone icon Public phones: none found in this area.

More useful Information for buddies
For the latest on the weather: "Scuba Weather Report"
For more air details see "Dive Clubs & Air".
Note: The above page's will remain open while you click to gather info.

Nearest toilet: Dob Gill car park (southern end of Thirlmere).
or half way up Thirlmere at the Armboth car park.

For Canoeing contact relevant agency - see links page for non divers.
No powered boats (RIBs etc.) allowed on lake.
phone icon Reporting thefts or finds - Police: 0845 330 0247

United Utilities Plc "United Utilities web site"
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