photo looking up Thirlmere from the Dam
Site 1: Thirlmere - Dam area
How to get here
Turning off the A591 at the northern end of Thirlmere.

At the northern end of Thirlmere having driven over the dam, a triangular car park is on the right. Park up here. Walk across the road towards the lake and you'll see a steep path that takes you to the shoreline.

If you need a true name for this site, I would suggest Raven Crag, being the nearest named point. Its that big steep mountain on your west side.

This site offers the deepest dive on the reservoir at 40 metres if you can find those two spots, but for the most part you'll max out at 20 metres in this area unless you hit warp speed for heading up the reservoir to the 40m mark.

The Dive
If you head out south / south east, and then south you would find those deep pockets, however, you would be over your BT before reaching them.

So it simply isn't appealing. Better to work your way south to the 20 metre mark looking for rock formations, which co-incidentally keeps you clear of the dam area (photo a) where the water off take occures here with your return trip in the 10 metre contour whilst searching for rock formations.

Hazards to Divers
An Altitude dive at 671 feet so plan it accordingly.
But i would suggest those big Pike would be more of a hazard (photo b).

The webmaster has not dived here - so few details known about this site.

Alt navigation:-
Satellite image of the beach and car park which is not quite visable

Video showing car park and beach

Comparative Graphical Temperature Range for Small and Large lakes

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