photo of Thirlmere looking across to the eastern shore, opposite
Site 2: Thirlmere - Armboth car park site
How to get here
Turning off the A591 at the northern end of Thirlmere.

At the northern end of Thirlmere having driven over the dam, you are driving around the reservoir - after a mile or so from the dam, start watching for the large Armboth signs on your left (your right side, if coming from south Thirlmere. Note: there is another parking area called Armboth with a SINGLE SIGN - IGNORE this and carry on driving north).

This main parking area has a driveway taking you down to the Reservoir , which also has toilets.
It's well worth pointing out that in Autumn the colours around Thirmere, on a sunny day, cannot be understated as you can see in these two photos - taken in Autumn and again in early spring respectively. (photo a & b)

This site offers the deepest dive on the reservoir at 40 metres which is central and over into the northern end. Its relatively uneventful.

The Dive
If you head out east, you'll touch 22 metres tops (dependant of reservoir level at time of dive) heading north and toward the centre of the reservoir, but you will have to travel some distance before leaving behind this 20 metre bard area, whilst detecting the gradual slope down to 30 and eventually 40 mtrs.

You may find you are pushing the BT limit, so move directly east, and you will find a steeper climb up than when heading out. Simply reach the 8 or 9 metre contour and follow back round to the entry point.

Hazards to Divers
An Altitude dive at 671 feet so plan it accordingly.

Be advised, webmaster Paul has not dived here - so few details known about this site.

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