photo of the Deergarth How Island site on Thirlmere
Site 3: Thirlmere - Deergarth How Island
How to get here
Turning off the A591 at the southern end of Thirlmere. You'll see well signed parking areas. Watch for the "Steel Gill" car park on your right if coming in from the southern end. Others further along include "Dob Gill" on your left which is home to one of the two toilets on this Reservoir. The other being at Armboth (site 1). Stop here "if you need to go". Otherwise continue on.

Eventually you will see ahead of you, the first of two islands. Passing the first 'Hawes How island' (photo d) you will soon realise that another smaller island hides behind the big one. This is Deergarth Island (photo d) and is where you want to be.

Look for a parking bay on the left if driving from the south heading north, that is able to hold five or more cars and pull in here. (Photo a).

Walking across the road and through the gate, you will notice the bridge and a stream rushing towards the Reservoir (Photo b). Great place for photographers but I recommend you keep any children attached to a rope.

This is very slippery country down here and all too easy to slide in and get whisked away if you are trying to walk along the rocks which lie alongside this powerful stream. The flowers near-by are in rememberance (photo e). Keeping to the path takes you to the shore line which is strewn with equally slippery rocks. Go down without kit to check this site prior to diving it. It's the slippery rocks that are dangerous to divers here.

The Dive
Heading out (photo c) around Deergarth Island or to the north, will see you at 10 metres in a short while, following a steady declining slope with rocks although it soon breaks into firm silt. Of interest will be the estern side of Deergarth Island which will drop you into 20 metres down a rocky face quickly.

Whichever route you take out at this point in the Reservoir you will find the lakebed (or should I say Reservoir bed) sloping steadily into the centre to around 20 metres. The area between the two islands is relatively flat and holds you in the 10 to 12 metre range.

Hazards to Divers
An Altitude dive at 671 feet.

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