photo of the Dob Gill site on Thirlmere
Site 4: Thirlmere - Dobgill
How to get here
Turning off the A591 at the southern end of Thirlmere.

You'll see well signed parking areas as you drive around with the first of these being the "Steel Gill" car park on your right if coming in from the southern end. Further along but on your left is the "Dob Gill" car park which also sports a toilet (photo a).

Pull into the Dobgill car park. This is where you want to be for the Dobgill dive. (Note: Harrop tarn is above but not a dive at just 3 to 4 feet deep!). Check out Dobgill by walking across the road to the gate and go through.

Following this short path for some 150 metres. As you walk this path you will hear the unmistakable sound of rushing water coming from the Dobgill stream (Photo b).

This site offers several easy options to access the water and is fine for disabled divers (wheel chairs may have difficulty over the unmade path, and United Utilities may express concerns, so please have a thorough dive plan worked out before contacting them.

The Dive
The depth to expect on this dive is 10 metres if heading straight across but you will find that a very gentle slope to the left (north) that will take you gradually to 20 metres over time.

Staying close to shore at less than five metres and you will come across some rocks or what may have been farm walls. I'll leave you to guess what they must have once been. There is what appears to be a road too, but it comes to an end in no time at all. Bear in mind that this Reservoir is a man made area down this end. Some of the stone work observed in the shallows may have been something to do with the construction of the Reservoir. There is not a great deal of stonework around so enjoy what remains. The rest of the bed is of dense silt.

Hazards to Divers
An Altitude dive at 671 feet but if you are doing this dive site you won't have to worry much about altitude unless you have already done a deepy somewhere else first, which is not a bad idea. We can recommend the Deergarth How Island site. Lots of interest there.

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