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two divers pose in the water for a press photographer
Above, press photographer Stuart, is working with his new WiFi phone / underwater camera link for remote underwater filming.
Special feature:

Diving into. . . the World of books

So often, we are so busy diving all year round, that we forget to look into books for further inspiration around our UK seas, especially books written by divers for divers.

Be it books on the history of diving through to technical diving, or from guides covering the UK coastline to books covering exotic hot dives from Indonisia to the Carribean, or are you fancying the freezer zone of the artic and antartic ? . . . today, we have books that describe almost all.
I have to laugh at some of the titles like "50 Dives To Do Before You Die" ! - is the author looking to tap into some individual out there, with a macarbre sense of humour?
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At Freshwaterdiver, we normally get requests from male or female divers, looking for various pieces of information pertinent to the lakes but recently, at Freshwaterdiver, we recieved a request by a UK author of a 'romantic nature' which had me reading it a few times, to say the least, and leaving the question. . . is this for real ??
So why did Helena Fairfax (Eileen) contact Freshwaterdiver.com ?
Helena Fairfax is a relatively new and upcoming successful author, with a number of Romance Novels and short stories published.

Helena Fairfax
Helena Fairfax She also has a new book coming out in December 2014, with the book about the DIVER hero character she is researching here being planned for release in early 2015.

We have deliberatly left out many photos, which the press will be using shortly in their story about her visit to our Lake District.
I dont wish to spoil the story line - not that I could!, but Penrith Divers have kindly agreed to be the "hero's" for the day :-) and will be taking Helena through the procedures of pre-dive, kitting up, what takes place during the dive, what we see, and then post dive tasks.

Helena is in fact, a warm water diver, but she is very aware, that cold water diving is very different.

A date with Helena after 2 month of chatting!

The date was September 28th, 2014 with Red roses in abundance.

But it was Penrith divers who had the real honour of posing for the camera's whilst on-lookers had made up their minds that a super star must have arrived and just maybe they are right!

Despite some pressure on the dive buddies, what with camera being poked into their masks, and a remote camera probing around from beneath, interspersed with questions and answers, Helena managed to set everyone at ease with her soft voice and kind words of appreciation to the divers for helping her.

Cumberland News photographer, Stuart was also enjoying testing his new underwater camera on the Penrith diving club scuba divers who enjoyed the experience, and no doubt all the attention they were recieving.
Paul turns Rosy

Freshwaterdiver Paul presents Helena with roses.

After the dive, and further note taking, I drove Helena & Kath (my better half) to a place nearby for lunch followed by a walk down to a private jetty and slip, where we discussed the type of boat that would be used, for the boat dive part in her novel.

By good fortune, we came to an inflatable on a trailer, being removed from the water and up the slip.

Helena took a lot of notes in her note book during the pool session, and out on the dive.

On the day:
1st we had met up at Penrith Leisure Centre who kindly gave her a ticket, allow her car to stay safely parked until we came back.

We then went over to the compressor room where she studied the action and suffered the noise of that machine hard at work.
The pool session came next (Sunday 9 - 10am for anyone interested locally), as we were guided through the quieter passage ways around the centre until we reached the pool area.
Here she enjoyed a lot of discussion with the many divers and trainee's, along with notes on kit and that of dive practice being performed.

With pool session at an end, Helena, Kath (my wife) & I, ordered 2 nice hot tea's / while I went for hot choc (usual diver drink there!) from the Leasure Centre Coffee bar area.
Shortly after a discussion on where to go, we were off down to Ullswater at a site named by divers as Falling Rocks or properly as Stybarrow Crag.
Helena studies dive instrumentation
Helena was particulary interested in all the dive instrumentation that we have to wear . . . here she ask's about the dive computer display and what it records.
We then made out way out of Ullswater, up the A5091 over Great Mell Fell and onto the A66 west, taking us into the Borrowdale Valley, around Derwent water, and up onto Ashness bridge, and then beyond, to Watendlaith tarn.
Ashness bridge is in itself a romantic place with an appealing veiw, but there was also a fascinating C-Art exhibition there, which Helena enjoyed very much. The building was covered in sheets of Sheep wool, with exhibits mounted and placed in curiously interesting ways. On the way out of the exhibition, Helena took note of the visitor book, and spent a few minutes leaving appreciative comments for the artist.

Our next short stop took her breath away as we walked over to a well known spot that leaves you standing over Derwent water and beyond, with Bassenthwaite lake in the far distance. She took several photos of the stunning view before we moved onto Watendlaith.

Watendlaith is a diffcult single track road to drive up with its sharp, blind turns and humps, but we arrived in one piece. Once again the compactness of the tarn and surrounding mountains were all the talk and the little cobbled bridge crossing over the stream with ducks below held appeal and inspiration for Helena, which gave her some ideas for enhancing along with further various inclusions for her story.

The final part of the plan, was to enjoy a coffee and rock bun treat, where i had planned to give Helena a 2nd rock bun to feed the chaffinches and other colourful visitors landing on the tables here, but the shop was closed at 4pm !!! oh no, sob, sob :-(
Everyone had an enjoyable time, with only a short splattering of rain as we climb up to Watendlaith, we could'nt ask for more, we were at the end of September after all !
Our 1st stop up here is to take in the breath taking view of Derwent water with Bassenthwaite seen in the distant background.
Derwent water

Ashness Bridge with Derwent water and the floating smaller islands in the background.
Ashness bridge

Watendlaith tarn with its cobbled bridge and colourful ducks
Watendlaith tarn bridge
What will be the title of this book be ???
Where can I buy it from ???
the answer to those questions is that they are now available on the Kindle, and in paper back form ! Use google and facebook with "Helena Fairfax".
She has a number of books waiting for you romantics to enjoy, and her diver hero has made a big splash already - its called "Felicity at the Cross Hotel"
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