photo of the Fairfield Marina dive site on Ullswater
Site 10: Fairfield Marina
How to get here
On the A592 a couple of miles out of Pooley Bridge, as you drive up a relatively steep hill and immediately on your left, as you go up over the brow will be the sign for Ullswater Marina along with the road. Next comes Fairfield and which ever you want, come off the A592 onto what is a single track road leading down to the Marina of your choice.

Parking area on site.

These sites are of course, private property with car parking and boat slip's, so permission must be obtained. And use of an SMB will be requested. Your maximum depth at this marina is 15 metres (photo a).

The marina's all have well-maintained areas, so if you have a boat to launch this may be just the place for you, provided you are allowed to launch - and then you have to consider the costs of doing so. Most marina's will expect a day membership is taken out, plus a small charge may still be incurred for a launching.

Non diving family and friends will enjoy looking around at the many glamourous yachts on show. And kids will love feeding the duck (photo b). Some Marina's in the lake district have a coffee / tea room available for non yacht club members to use BUT no guarantees here. On Ullswater, the Ullswater Yacht Club has the best.

Permission Contact Details
Fairfield Marina: Mr R.F. Dobinson. Tel: 01764 86666

The Dive
Both Fairfield and the Ullswater Marina's sport a flat silt bottom with the exception of moorings dotted about causing hollows in the lakebed.
Ullswater Yacht Club has a more exciting bottom. She starts shallow but if you head off to the right (north east) at circa 150 metres out she dips sharply down and bottoms out at 15 metres.

You stand the chance of picking up the odd pair of pliers or a screw driver that have rolled off the decks of passing yachts and perhaps other items of interest that the owner of the Marina may know about. You need his/her permission to dive here of course, so it goes without saying that if you volunteer to help retrieve anything for them they may well allow you to dive on their property. An no, you can't keep that outboard motor.

Hazards to Divers
Mainly the trenches that have been dug out of the lakebed next to the mooring jetty's - you will have a bad fall if you get to close so take it slow and check each step as you enter and exit. This precaution did not stop the webmaster landing in hospital like a beached whale, back in 1999 !

It goes without saying about yacht sailings in and out of a marina and that you will be expected to take precautions.

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Diving at Fairfield Marina by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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