photo of the Sharrow Bay dive site on Ullswater
Site 12: Sharrow Bay Moorings
How to get here
Leaving from Pooley bridge you take the Howtown road. Travelling some 5 miles along will see you passing the only hotel on this road called Sharrow Bay Hotel.

The Sharrow Bay Hotel in the distant background (photo a & b) has a world wide reputation for exquisite foods, wines and lodgings. It also boasts an enviable view of the lake. Passing the hotel on your right and following within a minute, immediately on your right as you go over the brow of this small hill you will spot a small lay-by on the right. In you go.

A shingle beach awaits you at this site and probably a few anglers too. For those with family or non diving friends they can try building pebble castles!! or take a walk along the roadside which offers attractive views of the lake. The Hotel here, one of the top hotels in the country, is on the lavish side with prices to match.
The maximum depth is at 23 metres half way across the lake.

The Dive
A flat silt bottom which gently slopes away across the lake to 23 metres. Very flat with firm silt for the most part. A current gently flows around by the hotel and towards the lay-by giving rise to a 20 degree slope by the hotel. There is a wall to the right where Anglers fish from. Perch and some very nice sized Trout cruise up and down here! As divers, you can reap the rewards in the form of dozens and dozens of swim feeders, spinners, weights etc.

a) Either head straight out for the depth, then return to ratch under the moorings for any "goodies". Or

b) From under the moorings turn right towards the hotel and follow the depth contour you settle for and continue round. You will realise that you must have passed the hotel and that you are now following a bank on your right side which continues out into the lake for some distance. Return at 10 or 12 metres and you may come across some of our dive gear lost from a previous dive.

c) Another suggested option is to head left, fining parallel to the shore line.

Hazards to Divers
Be aware of yacht movements, but for the most part this is a quite area.

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Diving at Sharrow Bay by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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