photo of the Glenridding Pier dive site on Ullswater
Site 2: Glenridding Pier
How to get here
On the B592 just south of Glenridding village (literally 50 metres!) with a large sign stating Ullswater Ferries.

This is a very large pay and display car park owned by the Ullswater Navigation Company. Try to get parked down by the waters edge.

Ullswater offers an immense expanse of water without too many restrictions on water users. The speed limit today, is a sluggy 10 m.p.h. - but in 1955, Ullswater was better known perhaps, for speeds around 202.32 m.p.h.! (photo a)
Sadly, Donald Campbell, and his now famous Bluebird met tragedy on Coniston, on January 4th, 1967.

On Thursday, March 8th, 2001, Bluebird had finally been raised amidst sad controversy. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1209274.stm

Maximum depth circa 31 metres, making this the deepest area where a pier is situated but also this is the largest of the three piers operated by the Ullswater Navigation Company on Ullswater (photo b).

The other two piers are at Pooley Bridge and Howtown. The village of Glenridding is 5 minutes walk away with shops, cafes and nature walks. This was also the location area for the filming of the TV series "The Lakes". For divers - during the tourist season while sailing is taking place you should check with ferry staff to discover when ferries are due in. You need their permission to park since you are not using their ferry service, as well as the ok to dive on their land. Staff will radio the ferry captains to inform them of divers down under. You will be asked to use an SMB.

In July, 2001 Tony Blair, the Prime minister, boarded the "Raven", which is one of two ferries running, the other is "Lady of the Lake", for a short 15 min. trip and described the area as "beautiful" but he wasn't too keen on those of us protesting!

The Dive
(a) Finning parallel to shore on the left. An old A40 car lies on the silt slope at 13 metres (in video I said 'incorrectly' an A30 - its an A40). The river mouth further around is also worth viewing. Finish with a "ratch" under the pier for tools and tourist droppings!

(b) Off to the right are 22 metres of plain silt and boring. Aim to make it for the boathouse a half-mile away for fun. Return trip if at 3 or 4 metres sees wash from ferry props often uncover items of value along this stretch.

Hazards to Divers
Glenridding Pier has no known hazards to divers with the exception of the ferry service running from this busy pier. Ensure you have permission from the staff prior to diving this site. Thrust from the ferry props obliterates everything with dense clouds of soft silt swept up from the lakebed when the ferry departs so plan your dive accordingly.

General Note: Due to Health and Safety Insurance issues, the Ferry companies in the lake district are NOT now allowed to give divers permission to dive in the vacininty of any operational Piers.
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Diving the Glenridding area by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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