photo of Waterfoot Boat House
Site 3b: Waterfoot, the Boat House
How to get here
Just out of Pooley Bridge village on the B592.

There is only one place to park at this site and that is in the lay-by sited on the corner of this road, circa 400 metres past the Pooley Bridge pier (photo a).
Only three cars can get in here, so parking has to be done in a thoughtful manner.

Gentle sloping lakebed of firm shingle lakebed, but eventually breaks out into soft silt. Popular with anglers. The tourist information office is in Pooley Bridge. Maximum depth at this site is between 10 and 12 metres.

The Dive
a) Heading straight out and up the lake and its plain finning to a depth of 10 metres forever.

In the shallows you'll find water grass, coton algae and usually lots of stickle back with the occasional young trout hanging around (photo b).

I partially retrieved a weight belt out here at 5 metres (watch video) but some of its weights fell of at that depth. So they are still down there waiting to be found. Also, you will find fishing tackle down here in the shallows so dont forget to collect those free gifts for your fishing friends and family??

Hazards to Divers
no real issues here at all. If heading towards the Pooley Bridge Pier, watch for broken glass under the silt. Undamaged old bottles are valuable here!

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Diving at Waterfoot by Freshwaterdiver

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