photo of the Park Foot Camp Site Beach
Site 3c: Park Foot Camp Site
How to get here
Just out of Pooley Bridge village on the B592.

Being a Camp large Camp Site situated on both sides of the road, take the right turn into the park which then takes you down towards the lake. (photo a)

One of the three piers operated by the Ullswater Navigation Company on Ullswater lies on th enear opposite shore. The other two are at Glenridding and Howtown. The Pooley Bridge pier is some 200 metres away (photo b). Gentle sloping lakebed of firm shingly silt soon turns into the soft stuff :-) Popular with anglers and for those rambling. There are penty of walks near-by. The tourist information office is in Pooley Bridge. Maximum depth at this site is 10 metres.

The Dive
Your not spoilt for choice of direction or for choice of things to do and see under here. Fin out to the pier and enjoy the fish life there plus some ratching for booty. In the late evening you can cruise with the Perch and Trout following the two metre contour around the rim of this bay, or you can head up into the lake to ten metres for a Bay ratch, looking for ginger bottles and dive gear belonging to less experienced divers!! (photo c)

Lets not forget you have two mooring sites here to investigate too :-)

Why the boat moorings some ask?! Enjoy a ratch for tools, outboard motors and the like, in this undulating area. Usually lots of eels.

Hazards to Divers
Three wooden pier supports from work carried out in 1997 are now lying at varying acute angles waiting to head-butt the unwary diver! Visibility is just 2 metres during the summer so there is every likely-hood that at least one of these poles will smack you in the mask - hopefully not!

The lakebed was used as a dumping ground. Broken glass is everywhere, buried under silt. Some good ginger beer bottles and cod bottles have been found here. During the gun amnesty in the last war, police rowed out and dump weapons and ammunition here too. No guns remain and local divers had their "finds" confiscated.

General Note: Private land therefore ask permission to dive prior to booking.
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Diving at Park Foot Camp Site by Freshwaterdiver

Ullswater: filmed near Pooley Bridge Pier by Divetheworld (Steve R.I.P.)

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater
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