photo of the Glenridding and Boat house dive site on Ullswater
Site 4: Inn on the Lake (Hotel)
How to get here
To find this site, you have the B592 road running into Glenridding village. You can't miss the large hotel on the "lakeside" of this road (on your left if coming from Pooley bridge / Penrith end.

There are two entries and car parks at this hotel, you want to take the first one with the "Hikers Bar" beside the parking area, also kids climbing frame there. If you miss this entry don't worry, take the next and drive around into the Hikers Bar area to park.

This is private property so please get the "ok to dive" from the Ramblers bar staff.
You have a 100 metre walk to the shore (photo a) with the choice of up or down the lake with a maximum depth circa 22 metres.

The Dive
Finning out to 20 metres or less, turn north and hit the warp drive! Your target is the Boat house (photo b & c) for a ratch around the old crockery and electrical bits and bobs!. If you have plenty of air, move north at 6 metres, thereabouts, past the boat-house and you will find yourself into weeds and fish plus fishing tackle for those who collect it.
The main attraction at this site is finding the odd bits of crockery and sometimes during a dig, a complete undamaged bottle.

The boat house in the foreground offers some half decent ratching - the webmaster found a large bottle of valuable mercury at this site.

The TV series "The Lakes" was shot in and around the hotel seen here. Webmaster Paul and buds turned up to do the safety side of the work but we had no HSE qualifications or insurance - we were all turned down - boooo :-(

Hazards to Divers
No hazards when last dived other than poor viz. But be careful of sharp edged crockery etc. if digging.

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Diving at Glenridding by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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