photo of the Devils Chimney dive site on Ullswater
Site 5b: The Devil's Chimney by Karl & Chris Winrow
How to get here
At this site you have the B592 road running next to the lake just 1 mile south of Glenridding. A large car park has been cut out from the mountain side and a small beach of shingle opposite gives easy access to the lake.

Having parked in the large lay-by cut into the rock face, its a short walk across the road and to the wall to check out your launch site using Kayaks.

Strictly speaking this is not an altitude dive but from experience please be sure your dive is planned as an altitude dive. Your computer will not show it as such so be careful.

The Dive: by intrepid explorers Karl & Chris Winrow.

We went to Ullswater last Saturday and did a dive at Devil's Chimney as planned.

We parked at Stybarrow Crag (Site 5 on your site), assembled the kit, launched the kayaks and headed off east. After 10mins of leisurely paddling we arrived at the site.

Its an impressive rock face with overhanging trees and deep fissures that extend above and below the water line.

About 6 feet away from the face I threw in the anchor with 20m of rope and waited for it hit bottom, it didn't. That was our first clue of the topography at this site.

As we were donning our kit in the water, we were visited by Patterdale mountain rescue in their RIB who were very curious to see what we were up to.

They then informed us, that at their position, which was only about 20ft out from the rock face, their depth sounder was showing 28m.

I gave the ok to my buddy to descend only to find he had just dropped his torch. We dropped down a few metres to see if we could find it. With no sign of it at 20m We started to ascend, at which point I found a leaf and silt covered ledge at 10m with a very dirty looking piece of lanyard poking out from the rotting foliage, there was the torch :-)

On our brief dive I noted that the rock face was almost vertical however there is a very deep undercut that can be found around 8m making it very dark, also it would appear that branches from the trees above have fallen in and proved to be a real hazard in the pitch dark between 15-20m.

I certainly do not recommend solo diving at this site, and a powerful torch is essential especially if your buddy loses his, or if the power fails, but the site is interesting since you could pick your depth and simply follow the wall.

At either side of the rocky outcrop the lake bed appears to rise to the shallows, we did not dive those area's but would guess it would be more of the same silt as other shallower sites.

Hazards to Divers
Submerged trees.
Vertical descent into deep water.

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Diving at Devil's Chimney with Karl & Chris Winrow

The Map below shows "A" & "B" car parking - dive site 5b is on opposite shore line which has no access other than by water.

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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