photo of the Glencoyne Bay dive site on Ullswater
Site 6: Glencoyne Bay
How to get here
From Pooley Bridge you want the B592. Follow this past Watermillock, then after a few miles you'll see the turn off for the B5091 and Aira Force signs - carry on - the next car park along the road is your Glencoyne Bay car park (photo a).

This is distinctive because because the road takes a near 90 degree turn forcing you to slow to 15 m.p.h. to take it ( photo d) with the bay on your left and car parking behind the stone wall on your right. The car park is large, and is one of the few "Pay and Display" car parks on this lake

Maximum depth circa 22 metres. Although you can find 60 metres if you want it (see video). A pleasant dive area (photo b & c) with easy access and no steep banks or large boulders making life difficult. The site is popular with Anglers, with perch and trout cruising this bay. Divers please steer clear of Angling gear! Easy access for canoeist too.

Further notes: Between Stybarrow Crag (site 5) and this - site 6, an island can be seen called Norfolk Island. The location between Norfolk Island and Silver Point (on the opposite shoreline) has revealed one of many new and exciting features discovered whilst Police Diving Teams side scanned the lakes entirety for a missing diver. Here, a pinnacle rises up towards the surface. She can only be approached by boat and is lying at a depth of ten metres below the surface.

The Dive
Having parked in the Pay & Display car park, enter this site anywhere along the shore. The most exciting aspect of this dive is going in and coming out, where during the summer season many tourists especially the Japanese, will be only to happy to stand beside you as their family take video and photographs you standing alongside their loved one to their hearts content! Hollywood is just a click away!

Hazards to Divers
For those new to freshwater lake diving and very low visibility, this is perhaps one of the few places that is relatively shallow and weedy. A gently sloping lakebed over smooth rocks and then into silt past 4 metres.

At the time of writing this report, there were no hazards in this bay unless a freshwater shark has been introduced.

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Diving at Glencoyne Bay by Freshwaterdiver

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