photo of the Aira Force dive site on Ullswater
Site 7: Aira Force
How to get here
On the B592, this is half way along the lake and well marked "Aira Force".

The car parking at this site is by "Pay & Display" with wardens in attendance.

This is a local beauty spot with superb waterfalls for non-diving members of the family to enjoy, while you head off diving.
Aira force saw war munitions fired into this bay in the 1940s - today, it is a tranquil site offering plenty of mementos if prepared to dig (photo c).

The Dive
A descent dive fro Ullswater, with a depth of 20 metres although I'm not telling you about the trench that heads on down to 60mtrs. No point going there buds, as this is an altitude dive and there's nothing to see in any event.

To access the dive area, you have a 400 metre walk which takes you across the road and through a gate or go over the turnstile (photo a). Aira Force car park has easy access and no steep banks or large boulders making entry difficult. Sunbather's use the grassy area during the summer (photo b), but 50 years ago during the war years there was a military training base here and they used the lake for munitions testing. Divers know what I am about to say next so I won't say it! The lakebed here is quite flat and often weedy in places. You also have a chance to pick up an old bottle or two.

Hazards to Divers
As already suggested, this area was used as a testing range for mortar shells and the like. If civilians are about please leave the trophies where they are. The last time my buddy and I took one out it caused a mass panic. The general public, police and wardens will not be to pleased with you.

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Diving at Aira Force by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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