photo of the Lyulph's Tower dive site on Ullswater
Site 8: Lyulphs Tower
How to get here
Assuming you are coming from Pooley Bridge toward Glenridding. Passing the four car parks that appear on a fairly straight stretch of road on your left next to the lake. Having passed the fourth lay-by you are now heading up a slight hill and at the top is a lay-by tucked in on the left (photo a) looking over the lake. It's called or known as Lyulphs Tower, another lay-by is also slightly further along. stone steps take you onto the shore and it is very scenic. (photo b).

A group of four lay-by car parks followed by a rising hill (though you would not know it) on the top of which is your Lyulph's Tower lay-by.

Lyulph's Tower is a folly built by a "wealthy local dude" from times gone by. This area has narrow pathways by the lakeside for non diving members to stroll along. They offer good views and clear impression of how large this lake is.

A maximum depth of 42 metres at this site and some current when the wind is up. Don't forget the local divers treat these Ullswater dives as altitude dives for good reason, which has been gained from experience!

The Dive
Whichever lay-by you choose to use, you can choose your depth and direction. The bottom has a 35 to 45 degree slope, which begins to level out at around the 25 metre mark. Simply follow along at the depth contour you have decided to follow. The odd fish will pass by, and bottles standing upright together with tree branches planted into the thick silt are the hallmarks of "we" local divers. You may even chance upon an old vintage bottle that you can add to your collection. If a strong wind is blowing you will have some entertainment with a drift dive although the drift can tend to pull you into the deep! Also to note is the opposite directions of current at 10 metres and 20. Along this stretch of the lake you will find the dive sites similar.

Hazards to Divers
If wind force is high a current sufficient to enjoy a drift dived can be had, but it can swirl downwards.

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Diving at Lyulph's Tower by Freshwaterdiver

Graphical Temperature Range fro Ullswater

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