photo of the Dobbing Wood dive site on Ullswater
Site 9: Dobbing Wood - Layby's 2, 3 & 4
How to get here
Coming from the Pooley Bridge end you will pass Watermillock, then Dobbin Wood, now you are looking for a string of lay-bys on your left, immediately coming around a bend in the road - (one is on the bend itself - a further three are visible at one point along the road (photo a). If you arrive at Aira Force - don't worry. You have just missed them by a quarter mile so turn round when the road is clear.

This is a group of four lay-by car parks, the 1st is seen as you round a bend (1st known as Skelly Neb), followed by a fairly straight stretch of road by the lakeside which has 3 laybys, each able to handle 8 cars provided pathetic bad parkers are not here (the same goes for other lay-bys). All have steep stone steps onto the shore and very scenic (photo b). Windsurfers enjoy this area due to the wind being funneled down the lake at this point. Anglers also take advantage of the ease of parking and in the hope of a big fish passing by on this long stretch of lake.

This area has narrow pathways by the lakeside for non diving members to stroll along. They offer good views and an impression of how large the lake is. The dive site boasts a depth of 42 metres

Have your binoculars ready, because deer and other wild animals make an appearance on the crests of the mountains opposite. Watch the walkers and hikers struggle across that same mountain range. You could take an easy stroll along the paths on your side of the lake. What could be a more idyllic setting?

The Dive
Whichever lay-by you choose to use along here, you can choose your depth (down to 30 plus metres) and direction. The Dobbin Wood layby sites have a descending slope of 35 to 45 degrees, which begins to level out at around the 20 metre mark. Simply follow along at the depth contour you have decided to follow. The odd fish will pass by, and bottles standing upright together with tree branches planted into the thick silt are the hallmarks of "we" local divers. You may even chance upon an old vintage bottle (photo c) that you can add to your collection. If a strong wind is blowing you will have some entertainment with a drift dive, although the drift can tend to pull you into the deep! Also to note is the opposite directions of current at 10 metres and 20 ! Note that along this stretch of the lake you will find the dive sites are all VERY similar, so a case of "done one - done them all".

Hazards to Divers
One layby in particular has been nicknamed the "Body" Lay-by, by us local divers due to the corpses that keep turning up there. Some are murder cases, others are suicides. As per usual, if you come across someone - attach your SMB line, or marker, - or - surface and take coordinates, then contact the police or wardens. Do not attempt to lift the body should you find one. If wind force is high, a current sufficient to enjoy a drift dive can be had, but it nearly always swirls downwards so you may need to compensate substantially.

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Diving at "Dobbin Wood" lay-by 2: by Freshwaterdiver

Diving at Dobbin Wood "The Body" lay-by 4: by Freshwaterdiver

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