photo of the Skelly Neb dive site on Ullswater
Site 9a: Skelly Neb (also known as Gowbarrow Bay)
How to get here
Coming from the Pooley Bridge end you will pass Watermillock, then past Leeming House hotel, soon the lake will come into view on your left - stop at the 1st layby on the left, which is also coveniently on the "lakeside of the road". This is what I call "Skelly Nab" according to the OS maps, but this bay can also be called Gowbarrow Bay. Your choice.

After this layby, the next string of layby's are also on your left, immediately after driving around the bend up ahead. See Video opposite, and also video for the Dobbin Wood group of layby's 2, 3 and 4. If by any chance your come up on Aira Force, turn around and drive back for a mile and you'll be here again.

This is a group of four lay-bys, this beng the first in that group of 4 with a fine shoreline (photo a), all in close vacinity to one another. All have steep stone steps onto the shore and very scenic. Windsurfers enjoy this area due to the wind being funneled down the lake at this point. Anglers also take advantage of the ease of parking and in the hope of a big fish passing by on this long stretch of lake.

The mountain directly opposite, but out of view in the video, is Hallin Fell, the mountain in view is I believe, called Long Crag. On the left side of Hallin Fell, can be found Howtown Pier, so yes, ferries will be cruising around this area.

Co-incidentally, if you have been studying the Sandwick dive site and its WWII bomber?, Sandwick bay is on the right side of Hallin Fell, facing you from Skelly Nab!

Can you see any walkers travelling along? Somewhere along there, lies that bomber we cannot find.

Have your binoculars ready, because deer and other wild animals make an appearance on the crests of the mountains opposite. Watch the walkers and hikers struggle across that same mountain range. You could take an easy stroll along the paths on your side of the lake. What could be a more idyllic setting?

The Dive
Although the OTHER laybys are very similar, this is different, only in that its depth is shallow at 10 metres with a nice gradual shelf taking you to a little over 22 metres in the mid channel area. So a little more ideal if trainees are doing open water assessments.

Hazards to Divers
If wind force is high, a current can often be encountered along this area, sufficient to enjoy a drift dive! - but it nearly always swirls downwards so you may need to compensate, but only mildly on occasion here.

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Diving at Skelly Neb by Freshwaterdiver

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