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Latest update: 2/4/2012 - Quote:
"Thank you for your enquiry (02/04/2012), regarding Scuba Diving the Reservoirs that belong to United Utilities in the North.
Unfortunatrly Unitied Utilities do not allow any recreational Swimming or Diving in any reservoirs.
Reservoirs can be dangerous places, and while I'm sure your group would implement the correct safety procedures, accidents can and do occure.
Unfortunately this has to be a "Catch All" policy.
Yours sincerly - David Oakley-Jenner. (Ranger)"

My personal (Webmaster Paul) take: It is true that many individual "swimmers" die each year in these reservoirs (as in other bodies of water) - they jump in for a swim, maybe had the lethal alcohol shot BEFORE hand i.e. a glass of wine or can of beer, and sadly their demise follows. Sometimes its simply the sudden cold hitting them - cardiac arrest being the main issue even amongst seemingly fit individuals.

THE DOCUMENT BELOW has been withdrawn by United Utilities PLC - as of August 2007

The following details for diving the Reservoirs given below, are from pre-2007 days.
This is an exact text reproduction of those documents recieved from UU prior to 2007 and for historical purposes are displayed here.

Sub-Aqua Diving
Thirlmere and Haweswater

Diving is allowed in these reservoirs by recognised groups, only by prior arrangement. Each group must have a nominated person responsible for the behavior and safety of the group, to whom a permit will be issued.

Requests for a permit, stating preferred dates, should be submitted to:-

United Utilities
Service Delivery
The Old Sawmill
CA12 4TQ

Diving will be subject to the following conditions:-

1. Only suitably qualified members of the British Sub-Aqua Club / Scottish Sub Aqua Club / PADI / SAA are authorised to dive in the Reservoir (second level qualifications as per attached sheet)A UUSD representative may ask to see the membership cards.
2. The maximum number of divers to be on site is 20.
3. Divers must comply with the BSAC code of conduct.
4. There is no diving from boats or rubber dinghies, only shore based dives.
5. There is no recharging of air cylinders on site.
6. UUSD reserves the right to suspend diving at short notice if operationl requirements demand.
7. Full wet suits/dry suits will be worn.

Webmaster Paul - no sheet attached - second qualification will most likely be referring to "Advanced Divers" and above only allowed to dive.

Access to Thirlmere

Access is allowed from any car park on the West Road with suitable footpath tot he shore.
There is no access at present from the east shore or from the shore south of Dobgill Car Park, Grid ref. NY 316139.
The area within a half mile radius of the outlet tower, Grid Ref. NY 322149, and three quarters of a mile from the Dam, Grid Ref. NY 309189, is out of bounds for obvious reasons of safety.

The water depth is 40m. at the deepest point.
Also be aware of "bubble mixer", which is a pipe to improve the water quaity. Indictated on the map by ." -.-.-.-.-.-.-.- "

Access to Haweswater

Access is allowed from any car park or lay-by with suitable footpaths tot he shore.
The area within half a mile of the outlet tower, Grid Ref. NY 479131, and the Dam Scours, Grid Ref. NY 503157 are out of bounds for obviuos reaasons of safety.


Diving is not allowed at Ennerdale.


Please co-operate with United Utilities Water PLC and Planning Board Rangers and respond to their advice or instructions.
Parking is limited and used by other members of the public. Please park carefully and bring as few vehicles as possible to the site.

Please Note

United Utilities Water PLC shall not be liable for any personal injury, damage, loss or inconvenience howsoever or wheresoever caused (other than personal injury resulting from the company's neglegence) or to any goods or chattel brought by any person onto United Utilities Water PLC property.
Articles found on the Reservoir Bed are the property of United Utilities Water PLC and if retrieved must be forwarded to this office where they may be retained or returned to the club concerned.

Current Charges for Scuba Diving

A permit is required and the request must be made in writting or by email. The charge is £47 (including VAT) per visit. Only one group allowed to dive per day with a maximum of 20 participants.

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