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Feature video - Diving Finland under the ice.

Fishing under ice from Juuso Mettälä on Vimeo.

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The Quarries, Tarns, Rivers
The Lakes
Capernwray Quarry
by Freshwaterdiver1
Crummock water
by Freshwaterdiver1
Capernwray Quarry
by Freshwaterdiver1
Crummock water
by Freshwaterdiver1
Hodge Close
By Seagull1236 aka JohnyBoy on Yorkshire Divers forum
a dive by iceiclediver
Hodge Close Quarry
Hodge Close: Tilberthwaite: Presentation & credits to
Pinnacles to Tiffany dive, by John Greener, Paul Fry, Mitchole's
Dorothea Quarry
Tunnel dive by Divelife
Kirkby Lonsdale - The Devils Bridge
night dive by
Vobster Quarry
Bryan Stanislas of H20 Films and Sport Diver Magazine columnist on all things video catches up with Tim Clements the Operations Manager of Vobster Quay, Somerset.
Kirkby Lonsdale - The Devils Bridge
by: Paul Carrier 123

Ullswater: Pooley Bridge,
11 metres. With deepest respects to you Steve for your assistance with freshwaterdiver many years ago.
divetheworld tribute from Karen.

UK Sea Diving
World Diving
bburville presents . . Tickle me belly
WPBT2 divers present . . . Diving the Ballroom at Ginnie Springs, Florida
Margos Divers present . . .
Arycave divers present . . . Diving in Buford Sink, Hernando, Florida
The 12" guns of the Battleship Kronprinz Wilhelm
Presention by iciclediver Highlights of two dives on the Kronprinz Wilhelm featuring the 12" guns which are accessable if you swim in beneath the wreck. Icicle divers sub aqua dived the wreck in August 2011 off the Sharon Rose out of Stromness.
Dive in the Baltic sea Uploaded by jbd210947
Dive Technology in Action - The Sea Hunters dive the wreck of the Russalka using every dive technology going.

Uploaded by doryproductions. A dive on the wreck of the SMS Karlsruhe. We spent the majority of this dive swimming in the interior of this huge wreck and it was difficult to identify much of the structure. Towards the end of the dive we emerged at the bow of the wreck and was the anchor capstan and mooring davits. This is a great dive and since it's one of the shallower of the Orkney German fleet wrecks worth a long explore.

Special Interests
River Treasure - an absolute must see !
You have to check this guy out ! great commentery including the underwater waaaah hooo's for go pro's and iphone finds :-)

Being British - were a little more reserved ?? lol
Search for atlantis Uploaded by search4atlantis
I recorded this from google 4.0 the first google earth made for public use in December 2008 & 2009 watch this video carefully, there is no camera trickery to this video, Nasa sattelites shot these images from muliple angles all over the earth & Google connected them to give us the best interpritation of our world. But did they unknowenly take pictures of the lost city & just after i posted this video they made a new google earth with sonar images as a cover up to conceal the truth from us all? I believe deep down in my gutt this is it!!!! After thousands of years & erosion, & seddiments & increasing sea levels even into this day it is burried... right were plato has described it's location. some have called me crazy, & some say its just a myth & others say its just an instinct volcano yes my friends it is an instinct volcano! The one that has sunk the legendary lost island, & the lost city of Atlantis......
Uploaded by UCSanDiego on Aug 12, 2008 UCSD students in the San Diego iBotics team got "cool points" for the team's eye-catching, sleek and biomimetic Stingray underwater vehicle. Designed to imitate the dynamics of an actual stingray,
Described by developers AAI, MRVI and Sea Robotics as a fourth-generation unmanned surface vessel (USV) that can be remotely operated and function in fully autonomous missions, the Interceptor was displayed in public for the first time at IDEX 2007 in Abu Dhabi.

Cookery School for Buds
Haddock with Onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Uploaded by LadyDchini on May 22, 2011 EASY and DELICIOUS RECIPE WITH ONIONS, TOMATOS AND POTATOES. TRY IT and have it with white rice on the side. "DELICIOUS" BAKED
Uploaded by youngsseafood on Mar 9, 2011 Recipe for Smoked Haddock, Cheese and Tomato Bake
Uploaded by AmberLMoore77 on Apr 4, 2011 Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese Dip. Cooking demonstration by Amber Moore -
Scallops with Cointreau & Lime Butter Sauce Recipe by Simon Gault (you'll die laughing if you watch the Word recognition texts)
Sorry bids - cant take this any more! - SO HUNGRY !!! - need to go stuff myself now - have you filmed yourself making a mouthwatering dish when on Expedition
and is it on YouTube or Vimeo?