photo of Wastwater at Bowderdale
Site 3: Bowderdale
How to get here
Easy - follow the road for 2 to 3 miles and look for the Car park on left side with yelow salt box as per video or Map on the main Wastwater page.

Parking may not be easy due to popularity of this site for walkers heading to Scoat tarn etc.

Though this site may be less visually dramatic, this site is of great interest for trainees (photo a) and also for those looking for some deep enjoyment if they are allowed it!

This is a protruberance into Wastwater (photo b) offering an easy, shingle / rocky shore entry, just a short walk away fom the car park. The lakebed begins with rocks, fine shingle, then the usual silt.

The Dive
Max depth if heading southerly will be 70 metres. Heading across you will quickly reach 60 metres.

Kindly note that this is the extent of my kowldege at this site as I have NOT had the pleasure of this dive.
If you have already dioved this site then you or buddies are welcomoe to send in your report to me for inclusion, and for the benefit of other buddies who may wish to dive here. You (and your club, if a member) will recieved full credits!

Hazards to Divers
Non known of at present other the the abvious ones to us divers.

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Diving Wastwater at Bowderdale

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