Blea Tarn
photo of Blea tarn above Thirlmere
Site 3: Blea Tarn
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How to get here
Please view main Watendlath page for details on how to reach Watendlath tarn. Having done so, you will notice from the car park, that on your left and a little ahead there is a stile you have to go over - follow the path with the tarn some distance awayon your right side. You then reach the path leading straight up and to Blea tarn which is some 2.5 (two and a half) miles away. The initial ascent is made easy by the stone steps. Near the top a sign points you in the right direction. The terrain is a mixture of grasses and boggy peat - and following the right path is a case of scanning ahead for the cairns which will guide you to this tarn.

There is an alternative route to this tarn and is only half the distance but twice the hard vertical climb up and that is to arrive on the A591 Thirlmere road, come off at south Thirlmere taking the unclassified road leading around Thirlmere and parking at the Rob Gill car park. Head for Harrop tarn (2 feet deep) walking on th eright side of Harrop. You will then see a path leading up through the small forest and signs for Blea tarn. This route is just under 2 miles long.

A wheel barrow for each set of kit is the way forward but you may struggle getting it up a 40 degree incline !!!

A large car parking area will be found easily - you drive straight into it but is is a National Trust pay and display. Members of the NT simply display their membership cards for free parking.

Blea tarn is stunning (photo a & b). Flowering aquatic plants at one end with gushing stream at the other.
It is about 2 miles away with a serious up-hill struggle for the first half mile that will kill you!

We calculate the depth at 2 metres (not a misprint) but she has great altitude.

As for diving her - I don't think this would be a possible candidate. But you can at least enjoy the superb photo's we took of her by checking out the drop-down menu.

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Blea tarn above Watendlaith

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