Dock Tarn
photo of Dock tarn above Watendlaith
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How to get here
Please view main Watendlath page for details on how to reach Watendlath tarn. Having done so, the route to Dock Tarn is to walk to the far side of Watendlath where signposts point to Dock Tarn.

Follow the signs until you arrive there some two hours later by foot. Its a footpath - no roads here..

A large car parking area will be found easily - you drive straight into it but is is a National Trust pay and display. Members of the NT simply display their membership cards for free parking.

Dock tarn is superb. Flowering reeds at one end, lillies across the length of the far side, and ornamental? rocks dotted here and there.
It is about 4 miles away and a serious up-hill struggle for the first half mile that will kill you - and a wheel barrow to carry your kit will never make it up here.

We calculate the depth at 2 metres (not a misprint) but she has great altitude and beauty (photo a, b & c).

As for diving her - I don't think this would be a possible candidate. But you can at least enjoy the superb photo's we took of her by checking out the drop-down menu.

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Dock tarn above Watendlaith

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