photo of bird life and ice dive on Watendlaith tarn
Watendlaith tarn
How to get here
It is a single track road up here, so keep an eye out for cars coming the other way. Once you get there, park the car and enjoy a coffee at the cafe. It is very picturesque for all the family to enjoy. Small wild birds will land at your table looking for scraps when outdoors in summer. Ducks live on the tarn all year round (photo a).

A large car parking area will be found easily - you drive straight into it but is is a National Trust pay and display. Members of the NT simply display their membership cards for free parking.

A small cafe looks out over the tarn and is just out of view. With cafe behind you and tarn in front (using this as a reference), to the left (Southward) is the remains of a tree. Another tree may be encountered as you head straight out (eastward) from the entry point.

Of interest is that just over the mountains to the east is Thirlmere reservoir, another fine dive site.

The Dive
We enjoy performing ice dives here too (photo b).

A shore entry from any side of the tarn with a sloping bank at 30 degrees.
You will hit 20 metres in no time. She has a silt bottom and several submerged trees are dotted around so be careful in poor viz. You should be in for some close encounters with the local inhabitants of trout and pike in this tarn when they come to check out who the new kids in town are!

Hazards to Divers
Altitude Dive, but the computers will not register it as such. Recommend using tables and add 25% to depth. Avoid using the B5289 to Buttermere road - click Info symbol for details.

Sunken trees to the left side of the tarn and one straight out in about 16 metres depth. No other obstructions found when in last.

Viz can be very bad in summer - pea green algae. Best to do this one in winter buddy's.

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