Wet Sleddale Reservoir
photo looking over Wet Sleddale Reservoir
Wet Sleddale Reservoir
How to get here
Driving from Kendal, pick up on the A6 Shap road. Then after 10 miles or so, watch for the B6261 'Orton' sign on your right, pass it, but within a few hundred metres on your LEFT - you will see the 'Wet Sleddale - Thorney Bank' road. From within Penrith pick up the A6 Shap road heading South, after about 9 miles or so, watch for the 'Wet Sleddale - Thriney Bank' road on your RIGHT. if you went past the B6261 'Orton' sign, you have over-shot.

Now heading towards the reservoir, you will come to the only junction (if we can call it that), key thing is to take the left hand "poor mans" road. This will take you to the car park for this site.

Car park is next to reservoir, and is the end of the road you have been driving down.

You are going to have a tough time, not with getting here, nor with access to the water, access is straightforward. Getting permission is a bind.

The other thng I'm not keen about here, is that it must be the wettest, coldest, most boggy area in England. So why am I telling you all this?

Its a dive!

The Dive.
Just two issues to sort, permission for the RSPB which I feel should not be an issue , but then we have to obtain Unitied Utilities permission which is more of an issue here.

Hazards to Divers
Non reported

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